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A few decades ago, conspiracy theorists were considered to be paranoid, hypervigilant, and, well - just a few bricks shy of a full load. Today, we have seen the growth of both the numbers of conspiracy theorists and the respect that others give to some of their ideas. Much of this growth can be attributed to confirmed conspiracies (such as Watergate) and the advent of the Internet (which allows for greater dissemination of information to vast numbers of people). Are there still people out there with some wacko ideas? Sure. But... the truth IS out there. At CTC, we can enjoy the luxury of sharing the search.


In the past few decades, several public figures
have been murdered or have died amidst a cloud of
distorted facts, missing or conflicting evidence,
and unanswered questions. The public was left
without a reasonable explanation.... only
speculation and theories. Will we ever know?


What sort of military defense programs
and agencies has our government designed
AND implemented in which the people are
totally unaware? Has our nation committed
some of the atrocities portrayed on
television and in the movies? Let's just
hope that life doesn't REALLY imitate art.


In the fields of science and medicine,
do some of today's experiments, advances,
and inventions frighten you - especially
the ones that most Americans know nothing
about? Are you concerned about stem cell
research, cloning, and some of the testing
and results that we have not been given?


Have you noticed the number of
tragedies of great magnitude that
were attributed to one or two
people and wondered how they could
have possibly achieved it?

How much faith do
YOU have in our
political system?



How much of what we see
and hear on the news and
in the papers is actually
the truth, and if it is
tainted, WHO is in control?


When stargazing, do you wonder if life truly exists on other planets? Have their inhabitants traveled to earth as many have claimed? If so, does the government know and have they kept this information from us?

If the above sounds intriguing to you, we invite you to read on and to consider becoming involved in Conspiracy Theory Chat (CTC).  CTC affords opportunities for group members to participate in email and text chat discussions on today's hottest conspiracy theory topics. Most of the time (smile), conversations are intellectually stimulating, often conducted with a relaxed sense of humor and camaraderie, and always maintained on a respectful level.  See the upper right hand corner of this page for links to more information and all the goodies available via CTC.  We hope to "hear" from you soon!

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