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Conspiracy Theory Chat Web Site
About CTC

About the Moderators


We are both very private people, so we will probably not speak much about our personal lives. However, in all likelihood, it won't take long for you to notice that we are a couple. (He let me put a few feminine graphics on the site and told me they look nice so it must be true love - smile). We are currently separated by a zillion miles (well ok - a slight exaggeration) so we spent a lot of time on line, sharing as many hobbies as possible and talking about everything.

Conspiracy Hunter and Cynical

General Info about CTC

CTC is email exchange currently runs through YahooGroups.   Tripod provides free space for our website.  Bravenet hosts the chat room and forum.  No.... you don't have to have a Yahoo address to participate in the email discussions, however if you wish to, obtaining a Yahoo ID is simple, and free. Just click on the Yahoo home page link below, click on mail, new member, and sign up.

Yahoo Home Page


How CTC Was Born

(As told by Conspiracy Hunter, who MAY be a LITTLE prejudiced about Cynical - smile). "Your tour guides into the realms of mystery and paranoia are the incredibly sexy spy babe herself, Cynical, and myself - Conspiracy Hunter.

We are not the originators of Conspiracy Theory Chat. It all started somewhere in the stone age. We merely brought CTC into the 22nd century. Cynical and I began our discussions one night on IRC in an unrelated chat room and continued on through emails and telephone calls. Somewhere along the line Cynical mentioned it might be interesting to pursue this online and involve others. I agreed, and she built a sample website. She is our web page goddess. Pay good homage to her."

*Note from Cynical who WISHES she were ANY type of goddess - the above is an excerpt from the first issue of "CTC Group News". Check out the "CTC Files" Section to read the entire issue.