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Conspiracy Theory Chat Web Site
Chat Room
Feel like a more interactive discussion?  Visit the CTC Chat Room and invite a friend.  Scheduled chats will be held and dates and times will be posted on the event schedule and the Message Board.  To chat, simply see the instructions below.



Below is a  Chat Room Help file save in Wordpad.  It can be viewed on line by clicking on the link or you can download it by right clicking on the link. 

When you're ready to begin chatting, click on the blue square marked "Chat Now".  A new page will open and a chat applet will load.  Be patient - it takes a few seconds for this process to complete.  After the applet is loaded, enter your name or a nickname where requested, give a brief profile if you so desire, and then click the "Chat" button. The CTC Chat Room window will then open and you will be able to "enter" the Chat Room.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must keep both the applet page and the chat window open for the duration of the chat. Closing the applet page or surfing to another page will cause your chat session to be terminated.

Chat Room Help File