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Conspiracy Theory Chat Web Site


First, it should be made clear that only CTC members may post or send messages via email to the group. This isn't an attempt to exclude anyone, however merely a precaution to keep out spammers, abusive people, etc. To become a CTC member, simply click on the "Joining CTC" link in the upper right hand corner of this page and follow the instructions. We look forward to reading your messages!   The forum and chat room are available without registration.

*Note: It is possible to directly subscribe to CTC without visiting the Yahoogroups website. Simply click on the link below and send the email. If you subscribe with a non-Yahoo email address, some areas of the group will not be accessible to you if you do not establish a Yahoo ID and join Yahoogroups.

Click for Direct Email Subscription to CTC

Of course as the primary goal of the Conspiracy Theory Chat Email Group is to encourage and facilitate conversation through message exchange, that is the most important feature for us to discuss. To send a message that the entire group will see, address the email to:

Don't get concerned if your message doesn't always come back through to you fairly immediately. Sometimes the volume of mail traveling through Yahoo is rather high, and it may take several hours sometimes for the traffic jam to break up. Just be patient.

As to topics, "conspiracy theory" lends a fairly broad field. Another page covers group rules, but there are some suggestions that might make chatting more enjoyable for you. Don't be overly sensitive. The words you'll be reading are all just everyone's THEORIES... so unless someone makes a major earth shattering breakthrough, no one person's comments are any more important than anyone else's. If you have time, try to keep up a little on current events. Read the news websites, etc. The moderators will attempt to help you with this by posting some things for you to read that we find on the web, announcing upcoming TV specials that we see, scheduling speaker led chats, etc. Hopefully our conversations should be somewhat fact based, although of course opinions are very welcomed and respected as well. If someone does offend you, please don't respond back via the group email address. Email one of the moderators or the person who was offensive and try to work it out. Bickering back and forth when someone is angry or hurt is never production - especially in front of other group members. Let's keep this fun and educational!

Chat Room

In addition to the email group, we also have own chat room for Conspiracy Theory Chat. Unfortunately, til the group grows just a wee bit larger, random chats will probably not produce very good results (although by all means visit if you wish and invite a friend - smile). We do plan to publish a schedule of chats to be held at particular times and invite everyone to attend.  Click on the CTC Forum and Chat Room Link in the upper right hand corner for more information or to get started!


We are currently developing a section on this site for maintaining files.  If you have a file to share, a photo, cartoon or joke, you may email it to either moderator at the addresses listed on the contact page and we will post them on the files page of this site if we believe it will be of interest to the group.  Plans for the file section include political cartoons, political jokes (disrespectful moderator! - grin), help files, and any other ideas that crop up.

Note - in order to allow for HTML emails in the email group, we have to allow attachments to emails. Please don't send them.  If someone does - PLEASE scan before you open and make sure you have the latest virus scan data files.  Getting a computer virus is NO fun.


When controversial subjects occur in which we seem to have dissenting opinions, we will be able to conduct polls at the beginning of our discussions and later, after we have each had time to share, reflect, and research, we can poll again to see if the results differ.